Agronom Bioexper

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Agronom BIOEXPER is a concentrated product containing 22% Humic acid and Fulvic acid + 2% Organic Potassium and 0.24% chelated organic micronutrients.

It can also be defined as Organic Fertilizer or Organic Soil Regulator. Organic matter content fertilizers are very important to use for plant nutrition since most soils lack organic matters. Besides, because of the unbalanced usage of macronutrients in some soils, fertilizers are hold by soils and salts accumulated in time results in desertification. Thanks to its organic matters originated from fossil, it not only feeds plants but also eases the absorption of other nutrients by plant and repair desertification. It also prevents soil colloid’s sedimentation, removes fatigues caused by soil’s intense usage, and increases useful microorganism activities and ion exchange capacity. Agronom BIOEXPER is easily absorbed by plant since long humic and fulvic acid chains transformed into short carbon chains with an organic process. Moreover, with amino acids in its content, it operates as stress remover in unstable weather conditions. It does not contain strong alkaline. Owing to containing organic potassium and chelated organic micronutrients, not only it strengthens roots during seed soaking but also it is suitable to use as organic nutrient when applied from leaves. Since it does not contain residual and 100 % water-soluble, it is convenient to apply from leaves and by drip irrigation and all kinds of methods. Plus, it is suitable to use in all vegetation periods.

Agronom Bioexper

Plant GroupApplication Time and TypeDosage

Vegetable gardening

Floriculture Truck farm
From soil: Mix recommended dosage of BIOEXPER during the soil preparation.150 ml/ 1000m2
Foliar: In each plantation period apply from leaves when plant height reaches 10-15 cm. (Seek advice of an expert)75 ml/ 1000m2
Fruit orchardFrom soil: After flower shed, apply to tree roots and mix to soil.80 ml/ 1000m2
Foliar: Apply before fruit set if necessary.40 ml/ 1000m2
HesperidiumFrom soil: In spring when hesperidium trees wake give to tree roots and mix to soil.80 ml/ 1000m2
Foliar: Apply before blooming if necessary.40 ml/ 1000m2
Field cropsFrom soil: Sprinkle directly to soil before plough between fall and winter.120 ml/ 1000m2
Foliar: Mix to irrigation water after plantation and if necessary.60 ml/ 1000m2